The 80 year tradition of MLB's All-Star Game is heralded by a weeklong roster of events intended to engage fans, build excitement, and drive revenue opportunities for the league. Events like the Home Run Derby, the All-Star gala, FanFest and the Legends game have massive staffing requirements and logistical challenges. Lucky for MLB that their loyal fans jump at the chance to help the sport that they love. Thousands of volunteers each year step up to the plate and it's up to a small team of event planning specialists in MLB's Special Events Division (SPEV) to manage this massive undertaking. For years, they leveraged snail mail, ad-hoc e-mail services, and spreadsheets to coordinate this effort. In 2012, after a particularly difficult and disjointed planning effort the year before, they knew that they needed something better.

After an unsuccessful effort to find an adequate software solutions on the market, MLB appointed Vernalis to envision a solution that would forever improve the process that powers their volunteer efforts for major events. Vernalis' knowledge of MLB, it's systems, processes and culture were key factors in their decision. We knew the task would go beyond simply bringing a paper process into the digital realm. It needed to bring significant efficiencies and accuracy to their complex process while engaging fans and driving their participation. With the All-Star Game just months away, the pressure was on.