Value Beyond The Bottom Line
"Be the change." - Mohandas Gandhi
Vernalis is committed to quality; in our products and services, in our people, and in the way we conduct ourselves as citizens of planet earth. Each and every day the technology and services that we create and market to industries of every genre, make a positive difference to the way they do business. At Vernalis we strive to make the way we do business a positive difference to the world. It's all a matter of good corporate citizenship and employing our resources in pursuit of that ideal. As good citizens, we are concerned both with the environment in which we live and work and the people with whom we share it. We are making major strides toward reducing our carbon footprint. When it comes to doing our part to achieve a healthier, greener, and more sustainable world, we intend to make our mark and let everyone know we're here.
"Teach someone to fish..."

Vernalis is vitally interested in the cause of struggling peoples everywhere. While talent and ingenuity may be relatively equal in their distribution across the human race, geography, politics, and economics can tend to play a very negative role in the realization of their potential. Our development team is primarily located in India, where Vernalis' founders had their beginnings. As such, we are in many ways all too familiar with human struggle against odds that far too often stack the deck against so many who have so much to contribute. After all, people are our greatest natural resource.

Kiva and Rang De

To date, Vernalis has assisted over 1100 families throughout 36 different countries in union with two outstanding non-profit organizations known as Kiva and Rang De. Both of these organizations are committed to ending world poverty by means of providing the kind of help that will yield lasting benefits; they enable people to help themselves.

Kiva and Rang De do not solicit donations; rather they leverage the internet and their contacts within a worldwide network of microfinance institutions to provide low cost loans to those in underdeveloped countries who believe in themselves and their business ideas and plans. Monies are given not as hand outs but rather as bona fide and repayable loans to those who seek to start up or expand an enterprise for the sake of providing a stable, healthy, and productive life for their families and for the sake of educating their children.

In partnership with Kiva and Rang De, we at Vernalis are helping to establish a structured and sustainable system that supports the concept of means to an end. We are proud to be able to instill hope and pride in those who, believe enough in themselves to see a brighter road ahead and are not afraid of the work it will take to build it. We fund ingenuity and enterprises of every size. The loans we arrange for and provide can be used for: purchasing a larger fishing net to increase product harvest, investing in additional product so as to expand distribution and customer base, expansion of a small but growing fruit stand business or construction and labor costs of building a new, better, and healthier home for one's family. The possibilities are endless as is the great potential that exists in all of humanity; as is Vernalis commitment to making a difference one story at a time.


Commitment to the planet
and its people

Vernalis people are committed to supporting the environment; to doing their part as both individuals and members of our team to ensure the health and safety of our planet and the fellow human beings who inhabit it with us. As Vernalis team members one of the ways we do that is by using our strengths and skills to provide the tools needed by organizations whose business it is to act as stewards of the environment.

Association for Energy Affordability

Our expertise at what we do has allowed us to create and donate an Energy Optimization Solution to the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. This tool provides insight and clarity to the AEA, as they make decisions about achieving energy efficiency in new and existing buildings in order to foster and maintain affordable and healthy housing and communities, especially in low-income areas.

When it comes to the environment, Vernalis does more than "contribute to the cause." In all of our offices worldwide, it is our policy to pursue and utilize every method of energy efficiency and resource conservation.

We are delighted and proud to deliver unique solutions that contribute to the pursuit of a healthier environment while simultaneously lending a helping hand to those most in need. We are also pleased to do our own part in joining the world-wide effort to ensure a sustainable planet for millennia to come.


The Arts

While we have our fair share of multi-talented people here at Vernalis, shower singing notwithstanding, we'd much rather be entertained by professionals. All of us here have a taste for the arts and we consider an investment in them an investment in humanity's cultural heritage.

National Corporate Theater Fund

The National Corporate Theater Fund (NCTF) is an association of ten of America'€™s finest not-for-profit theatres dedicated to increasing the participation of corporations and their employees in support of theatre across the country and in New York. Their efforts make some of America's finest dramas, comedies, and musicals available to a wide scale audience keeping them in touch with these artistic works, their authors, directors, and those who interpret and perform them. These works are part of our history as a people and thanks to the efforts of NCTF, they are being preserved and showcased throughout our great nation.

In support of NCTF's efforts, Vernalis actually did do some acting. We built and donated a Content Management System, allowing NCTF to publish, edit, and modify content as well as manage maintenance from a central interface. We also built a Ticketing Management Application, enabling a well-organized tool to facilitate ticket sales.

Vernalis is committed to serving the theatre community. Theatre inspires us, it moves us, motivates us, and allows us, if even vicariously, to express the essence of who we are as a people. It is a live experience of what is all too often relegated to film or video. It's important to all of us and we are proud to be able to play our part.