What We Believe
At Vernalis, positive results are the essence of who we are as a company. By positive results, we mean far more than simply delivering a project on time and on budget; to us, these kinds of results mean the fruit of an intense and in depth understanding of our client's business goals as well as a functional understanding of what the end users are looking for in a product. Both of these criteria, are taken into consideration when we tackle any challenge. Our best and most successful projects are the output of just such an approach; business and user input combining to support an overall strategic objective. Here at Vernalis, results are not measured against a standard of simply getting it done but rather getting it done in a way that makes a positive impact on the way you do business, pleases and satisfies the users and maximizes your ROI. Vernalis solutions are comprehensive and effective because we pay attention right from the beginning.
We work hard to guarantee results. Here's how:
Design Philosophy
Focus on a user's experience

While we're proud of the sophistication of all of our products and services, at Vernalis we also recognize the immense value of usability. We recognize that achieving desired user behaviors is essential to achieving business objectives. Users need to operate the applications to their full potential in order to drive the most significant value to the business. We need them to WANT to use the software because it aligns with their goals and provides them value rather than being FORCED to use them by corporate mandate.

The consumer devices and apps we use at home (i.e. Facebook, Smart Phones, Google, Social Games, etc.) have become the standard by which users judge "ease of use." We strive to create systems that adhere to modern best practices and match the standards to which users have become accustomed. This ensures that our solutions will be adopted readily throughout an organization or community because it makes sense and is highly intuitive for the end user.

Our team of creative personnel, UX designers, art directors and information architects, use the same techniques and insights as the highest end digital agencies. They have brought the same standards and practices used to reach consumer audiences to the business world and the results are astounding to our clients.

Consultative Approach
Our business is to understand your business.

Vernalis doesn't begin by trying to "sell you something." We sit down with you and we listen; we want to know what your issues are: Is your current system outmoded? Is it too difficult or cumbersome and is it discouraging widespread adoption and use? Is it currently disjointed and needs to operate more seamlessly? We'll want to know what your business is all about, what your brand stands for, how to work efficiently within your existing technology stack. We'll want to know all of the people that help to drive your business forward and what they need from an effective solution. We'll want to understand your business as well as you do. That's our starting point.

Only when we're comfortable with our level of insight into your business and the strategic goals you're aiming for, do we sit down and formulate our strategic vision. Our teams work on site with your departments and stakeholders to generate consensus, and more deeply understand your business, ensuring the best possible solution. Our expertise, multi-industry experience, and insight guarantees that what we propose and execute will address every need you've articulated and possibly some that you weren't aware of. We share cross industry best practices that are embedded within our company to deliver targeted innovation for you .

Our People
"An extension of your team"

In keeping with our successful concept of full immersion into our client's business, our team of experts makes every effort to become an unobtrusive extension of your own team. Collaboration and communication are key. Every company, large or small has developed a culture and Vernalis' people become a part of it. We learn all of the pertinent business and technical protocols of your organization as well as the approval and project processes. Doing so simply makes us that much more efficient. We communicate openly with our clients and with each other; every step of the process toward completion of the project is as logical as the system we'll deliver.

Our global presence across North America, Europe and Asia, guarantees our clients a wealth of talent and skill to draw upon in any and every location. They are all available at any hour and at any point during any given project. Vernalis is never out of reach.

Vernalis Labs
Infinite learning and innovation

At Vernalis, the pursuit of perfection is ongoing. Our people have a passionate interest in technology and we've devoted an entire division to continuing education. We are constantly studying new technologies and researching their applicability to the business environment. Vernalis Labs keeps our people on the pulse of emerging technologies, and maintains their edge. We challenge our teams to apply the latest technologies, techniques and thought leadership in all of our work.

We also devote considerable resources to constantly updating our technology frameworks. We currently have robust frameworks in the J2EE - proprietary and open source formats, .NET stack, LAMP and Mobile stacks. We take every opportunity to improve security, performance, logging, user interface elements, etc. All of our customers benefit from these improvements.

We speculate, we hypothesize, and we test. In the process we become authorities on both technology and trends; we remain on the cutting edge of all that will be possible and the potential benefits that those possibilities can offer to our clients. Vernalis Labs keeps us on our technology toes and let's us have some fun by doing what we enjoy. Vernalis people really do get a kick out of what they do so well.