Where is Vernalis based?
We have six offices - New York, London, Cologne, Melbourne, Chennai and Madurai. Chennai and Madurai are our development centers and the other four offices house our project management and business development teams.
What's Vernalis' policy on training?
Every professional at Vernalis is groomed to be proficient in multiple technologies, handling various development methodologies, and conversant in working with global clients from diversified domains. Considering that the client service team of Vernalis works in multiple platform/technology tools/domains, we put great emphasis and resources into training. All fresh graduates will undergo a thorough basic training program. We insist in having a strong fundamental knowledge, which helps our team branch out to different platforms quickly. All of our professionals will have a mentor from within the organization appropriate to their respective level.
What are the opportunities for travel?
Our business development team regularly represents Vernalis at international trade shows in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. Our technical team travels to client locations all over the world based on the engagement requirements.
What is the dress code?
All our client-facing roles will adapt our prescribed business dress code. The technical and internal admin staffs have relaxed business casual dress code.
How is Vernalis funded?
We are a privately-funded company, and we have grown from the success of our offerings in the marketplace. It is very unlikely that this funding situation will change.
How many customers does Vernalis have?
Vernalis has a wide spectrum of customers from various industry domains:
  • global corporations
  • small to medium size organizations
  • entrepreneurial clients

Our global client presence has grown to encompass:
  • North America (USA, Canada, Dominican Republic)
  • Europe (Germany, Ireland, Turkey, United Kingdom)
  • Africa (South Africa, Ghana, Liberia)
  • Middle East (Turkey, Dubai)
  • Asia-Pacific (Singapore, China)

Across the globe we have 200+ clients.
How many vacation/personal days would I be entitled to?
Our Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy is commensurate with your experience and aligned with industry standards.
Does Vernalis have any activities outside of the workplace?
We celebrate Vernalis Day. The entire company takes a break from work to celebrate everyone's contribution to our success.
What hours will I be expected to work?
Our team is spread across 4 locations and our clients are from different time zones. So our working hours are dynamic, based on the clients we work for and the team we work with.