When Off the Rack
Isn't the Right Fit
We define "enterprise custom solutions" as getting exactly the software that you need, without compromise. While we recognize and recommend to our clients packaged solutions that can offer a logical and cost effective method of meeting your business needs, sometimes the compromises that they require limit your capabilities and constrain your operations. When faced with these situations, our clients rely on us to design, develop and deploy custom solutions that are simple to implement, flexible to expand, easy to use, and conform to your IT strategy. By leveraging our proprietary technical frameworks, global delivery model and standard processes, we are able to achieve lower costs and reduced risk.
Common Challenges Our Customers Face
1. Integrating content and data from various systems, locations, warehouses, and third parties
2. Difficulties obtaining enterprise data to facilitate operations
3. IT required to support accelerated business growth in new geographies, cultures, and user bases
4. Increasing shelf life of legacy system investment
5. Adapting to emerging technologies such as social media, mobile, cloud computing and Big Data
What Vernalis Provides
We have a proven 15-year track record developing secure enterprise software solutions that exceed expectations and provide a measurable return on investment. Through the combination of enterprise software engineering, innovative design, and business strategy expertise, our solutions enable our clients to make informed decisions, drive operations, maintain customer relations and comply with regulations.
1. A consultative approach informed by multi-industry exposure and institutional knowledge
2. User experiences that promote easy of use to drive adoption
3. Deep software engineering expertise
4. Structured project management approach rooted in industry best practices
5. Commitment to leveraging our clients existing technology assets
6. Consistent focus on our client's business objectives
A quick review of our case studies reveals our deep expertise across several industries.
Application Expertise
Our expertise and success is bolstered by our technical frameworks, extensive component libraries and experience developing industrial-strength applications. We have developed several proprietary technical frameworks in all major web and mobile technology stacks. These frameworks enable us to develop more swiftly and result in more reliable and stable systems. By having competencies across all major technical stacks, we are better positioned to accommodate your technical requirements. It ensures that the solution aligns with your company's strategic IT goals and does not require additional infrastructure investment.
Our major areas of focus